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    Cade McAllister

    Cade is a Copywriter and Account Coordinator for Pivot SLC dedicated to helping others maximize their marketing potential. You can find him on Twitter @CadePivot
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    5 Reasons Why You Need a Content Calendar

    Posted by Cade McAllister on Jun 10, 2021 11:55:08 AM

    Is your social media strategy feeling a little bit like an improvised wedding speech from your uncle—rambling and a little embarrassing? When it comes to toasting or posting, it's better to plan ahead.

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    Topics: Social, social media marketing, Content Calendar

    4 Ways a Business Blog Could Help your Company Stand Out

    Posted by Cade McAllister on May 25, 2021 8:07:01 AM

    Business blogging is a powerful marketing tactic that can boost your company’s online visibility. Companies that utilize blogging generate an average of 67% more monthly leads than those that don’t. In a crowded digital marketplace, blogging could help your company’s unique mission and values stand out.

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    Topics: sales leads, av marketing, business blog, blogging, website visitors