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TikTok’s Ad Potential Makes us Dance like a Zoomer

Your content is your reputation and TikTok yields the high engagement rates you need in future marketing campaigns.



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Looking for a new addition to your marketing strategy that yields higher engagement rates and empowered advertising potential? TikTok has been diversifying it’s content and building a loyal user base, making it a perfect fit for marketers looking to expand their audience.

Capitalize on TikTok Growth 

Since being released into the Google Play and Apple App Store, TikTok has grown by 800%. To date, there have been over two billion downloads of the social platform. With five hundred million of those accounts receiving weekly activity, TikTok’s growth pattern isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Is your marketing team prepared to keep up? 

Target Trendsetters of the 2020s

Generation Z is the biggest generation yet, at 74 million people and counting, and over 60% of them are regularly active on TikTok. That means if TikTok isn’t part of your social strategy, you may only be reaching the leftover 40% of Generation Z still on other platforms.

Wondering how to narrow down your target audience in a pool of tens of millions of TikTok users? If your client is in need of a fresh-faced audience, the trendsetting zoomer is an intriguing buyer persona to engage with. Don’t forget, authenticity matters to the younger generation, so try to ‘keep things real.’

Boost Low Engagement Rates 

TikTok users are best known for their choreographed dance routines. But they have also gained a reputation as a highly engaged audience. For example, the average organic engagement rates on TikTok range from 3% to 9%, compared to a high of 6% on Instagram. TikTok also boasts a longer average user session than SnapChat or Instagram, clocking in at nearly 5 minutes. That means your ad has a better chance of being seen on TikTok than other platforms

Get Data Driven Results 

The ad management tool ‘TikTok for Business,’ now available through the app, was created to empower brands across all industries. Now, all social analytic data for TikTok ads are accessible, robust, and include real-time updates. Since data drives the future of your ad campaigns, this new tool is the key to unlocking your advertising power within the app. 

Make TikTok Your Business 

So, does TikTok have you dancing about its advertising potential yet? If you are in need of a dance partner, Pivot will be there to perfectly tailor your posts on the new social platform. Your content is your reputation. It defines your brand identity, generates interest, and builds relationships.

Catch up with the Zoomers and start scrolling TikTok in the name of marketing.

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