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Why You Need a CRM That Drives Growth

    Posted by Frances Johnson on Jul 31, 2019 9:00:00 AM

    Why You Need a CRM That Drives Growth

    In the workplace of just a generation ago, the Rolodex was about as advanced as client management got. For some people, old habits die hard (my mom still swears by her Rolodex, and it is embarrassing). For the rest of us, there are plenty of digital tools and automated workstreams to help you track and cash in on big opportunities.

    What to Look for in a CRM—and Why

    Ready to leave your Rolodex behind? Here are four features of our CRM, HubSpot, that are particularly useful to us and might be to you, too. And better yet, you get all this for free.

    • Deals. HubSpot’s Deals feature lets you capture the contact and company information of potential customers and then track that opportunity through the entire marketing pipeline. Following a contact in just one tool helps ensure that no important opportunities fall through the cracks when they move from stage to stage in the process. The Deals feature also allows you to see your contacts and other information in different views; most CRMs don’t give you a choice in how your information is displayed. Personalizing how you see information lets you find the details you need when you need them to maximize every sales opportunity.

    • Meetings. The Meetings function can help you cut down on the back and forth it often takes to schedule a meeting. Instead of a long email chain, the Meetings function syncs with your calendar. That means the person you’re inviting can see the open spots on your calendar and pick a time that works for both of you—on the first try. Once the meeting time has been identified, HubSpot automates the rest of the process for you, including sending invitations, updates and reminders.

    • Templates. Have you ever calculated the amount of time you spend retyping the same email? If you’re emailing the same type of contact, or sending the same kind of message, a lot—for example, sending event invitations to a list of magazine editors—HubSpot allows you to create a template that automates the repetitive work. All you have to do is quickly personalize each send for the recipient.

    • Sequences. The Sequences function lets you take a series of templates and turn them into an outreach sequence of three to five automated emails. You can set the cadence of the sequence—for example, recipients get an email once a week or once every other week—and you can also incorporate phone outreach. A sequence usually focuses on a single goal, and emails come directly from your email address. Once a recipient takes the desired action, the sequence deactivates. Recipients can also choose to unsubscribe.

    Want to learn more about how to nurture and convert sales leads? Schedule an appointment with us to talk about the HubSpot CRM today.

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