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Should You Outsource Your Content Development?

Posted by Pivot Team on Feb 16, 2022 4:19:54 PM

If you’re a marketer in the audiovisual technology industry—or any industry for that matter—you’re probably sick of hearing about how you need to create content. You need content for lead generation, content for social media, and content for your blog.

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Topics: content marketing, audiovisual industry, SEO, content strategy, copywriting skills

Become a Business Writer with These 7 Simple Steps

Posted by Pivot Team on Jan 14, 2022 8:43:52 AM

Every company and business has a story to tell, but telling a story well doesn’t come easily or naturally to everyone. Just ask anyone who’s listened to my Uncle Wally’s story about finding raccoons in his attic.

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Topics: marketing automation, CRM, blogging, Business Writing

5 Essential Steps to Take Before Starting Your Blog

Posted by Pivot Team on Dec 30, 2021 9:32:49 AM

Blogging is a powerful marketing tool that can lead to an average of 55% more visitors to your website, but a successful business blog requires a little planning. 

Before you run to your keyboard to start typing the first thing that comes to mind, here are five essential steps to consider.

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Topics: SEO, keywords, HubSpot, blog, Content Calendar, Target Audience

Looking for Sales Leads? Try Hosting a Webinar.

Posted by Pivot Team on Dec 30, 2021 7:30:58 AM

Generating new sales leads is a top priority for nearly 80% of businesses, but almost 70% of them say they struggle to do just that. Are you one of them?

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Topics: lead generation, inbound marketing, brand awareness, webinar

Improve Your Email Deliverability in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Frances Johnson on Nov 10, 2021 9:03:50 AM

Crafting a perfect marketing email isn’t easy. It takes hard work to write a message that’s engaging and provides value to your customers. So, after all the time and effort you put into your email magnum opus, there’s nothing more devastating than ending up in your customer’s spam folder.

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Topics: marketing emails, writing emails that convert, Email, Deliverability

Is Your Website Healthy? Find Out with This Website Grader Tool.

Posted by Frances Johnson on Oct 27, 2021 11:07:53 AM

Your company’s website looks great, but you aren’t ranking in search results the way you want to. What gives? We have a new tool that can help you identify some surprising factors that could be impacting your SEO.  

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Topics: SEO, mobile optimization, website visitors

TikTok’s Ad Potential Makes us Dance like a Zoomer

Posted by Pivot Team on Jun 30, 2021 10:03:18 AM

Woman checks ad on phone.


Looking for a new addition to your marketing strategy that yields higher engagement rates and empowered advertising potential? TikTok has been diversifying it’s content and building a loyal user base, making it a perfect fit for marketers looking to expand their audience.

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Topics: mobile apps, marketing automation, mobile video app, branding, B2B Marketing

Why Your Business Needs A Social Listening Plan for Twitter

Posted by Pivot Team on Jun 24, 2021 1:00:00 PM

Psstpeople are talking about your business behind your back. You need a social listening plan to hear what they’re saying.

The good news is, you don't need expensive, time-consuming focus groups to get to know your target audience. Customers and prospects are giving out free insights into your industry every day on Twitter. The bad news is, if you’re not actively listening, you’re missing out on priceless information. 

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Topics: Twitter, Social Listening, Social Monitoring

5 Reasons Why You Need a Content Calendar

Posted by Pivot Team on Jun 10, 2021 11:55:08 AM

Is your social media strategy feeling a little bit like an improvised wedding speech from your uncle—rambling and a little embarrassing? When it comes to toasting or posting, it's better to plan ahead.

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Topics: Social, social media marketing, Content Calendar

4 Ways a Business Blog Could Help your Company Stand Out

Posted by Pivot Team on May 25, 2021 8:07:01 AM

Business blogging is a powerful marketing tactic that can boost your company’s online visibility. Companies that utilize blogging generate an average of 67% more monthly leads than those that don’t. In a crowded digital marketplace, blogging could help your company’s unique mission and values stand out.

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Topics: sales leads, av marketing, business blog, blogging, website visitors